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Contact Us

  ​Email: ratfiddleguitars@gmail.com  

Tel: 910-547-2563

Whiteville, NC 28472

This is Robert. He's the guy who will read your email.
And build your guitar.
And ship it.

You get the picture.

Rat Fiddle Guitars

Completely New

In more than one way

Our guitars and basses may look like they've got some years behind them but they are all brand new in every way.  Nothing recycled or taken from another guitar.  These are perfectly new components treated and assembled entirely by hand to create an instrument that will play and last for years.

Completely Unique

There's different, and then there's THIS

If you're looking to make a statement both sonically and visually, our guitars and basses will help you do it loud and clear.

Beautifully awful

professional instruments

Proudly made in Whiteville, North Carolina

Luthier constructed, every single piece is individually (and lovingly) attacked before final construction.  No assembly line here.  Artistic process, skill and meticulous attention to detail create a final result that sounds as good as it looks.

They may look like a nightmare but they play like a dream

Completely Crafted

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