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  ​Email: ratfiddleguitars@gmail.com  

Tel: 910-547-2563

Whiteville, NC 28472

This is Robert. He's the guy who will read your email.
And build your guitar.
And ship it.

You get the picture.


Fire.  Acid.  Contempt.

Not the normal ingredients for producing beautiful guitars.  But make no mistake - each of our instruments is done completely by hand from start to finish.  Every screw, every piece of wood, metal or plastic is treated as an individual piece of art.  The final product is something we are always proud to hand over because we are players, too.  So browse around and have a look and feel free to reach out to us with the project that YOU envision.

We work with each customer to create an instrument that brings their unique dream (or nightmare) to reality.

Next step?  Send us a message or give us a call.

Custom Built Guitars

Relic Les Paul Electric (Yellow)
Dyed, so the grain still comes through, then burned. Added a leather pickguard!
Burned & Rusted Telecaster
One of our most popular styles. They all look a little different but this one had nice verdigris.
Custom Flying V Guitar (Copper)
Crazy! Looks like nothing else out there.
Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers Tele
Took a copy of Sticky Fingers and made a pickguard. Also burned and rusted. Lefty!
Pink Floyd The Wall Stratocaster
Took a copy of The Wall and made a pickguard. Burned and rusted, too.
Burned & Rusted Telecaster
The whole package!
Copper Flying V
A popular build for us. That verdigris looks killer!
Burned & Rusted Beatle Bass
Hollow Hofner style bass. Now in Hong Kong.
Burned & Rusted Telecaster
Twang thang that got the full treatment.
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