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  ​Email: ratfiddleguitars@gmail.com  

Tel: 910-547-2563

Whiteville, NC 28472

This is Robert. He's the guy who will read your email.
And build your guitar.
And ship it.

You get the picture.

Q:  Are the guitars in good playing condition?

Our guitars are meant to be played!  You can be confident that the only difference between our guitars and any other high quality, individually constructed instrument is the way they LOOK.  If you were to play these blindfolded you would not be able to tell any difference in how they feel, play or sound.

Q:  Does the finish "rub off" at all?

No.  All parts - wood, plastic and metal - are sealed with a thin protective lacquer that protects the part as well as prevents the rust, ash or patina from "rubbing off" or continuing to deteriorate.  In fact, you can request a glossy finish if you'd like or simply keep our standard "matte" finish that produces no "shine" at all.

Q:  What kind of materials do you use?

Maple, Mahogany, Swamp Ash...these are the common woods that we use.  Hardware usually starts out full chrome or brass but ain't that way when we're done with it!

Q:  What kind of electronics do you use?

For custom builds we work with each customer and utilize whatever they specify.  For our in-stock guitars and basses, we use high quality pots and wiring.

Q:  What about pickups?

For our custom builds we use whatever the customer specifies.  For our in-stock guitars and basses, we use mid-grade pickups of varying frequencies.  We have found that choosing specific pickups is silly because everyone likes different models.  Regardless, the guts are easily swapped out with whatever you choose and the "look" will remain the same as long as you retain the pickup frames & covers.

Q:  Can you destroy my guitar?

Probably not.  We've done it, but we are very reluctant to do "our thing" to someone's baby.  If you're really interested, send us an email and we'll be happy to discuss it but, as a rule, we prefer to start from the ground up.

Frequently Asked Questions

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